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Character limit 250. Not many people know that the secret to great taste isn't just the ingredients, but the tools that you use. Our appliances deliver the technology of professional chefs in the comfort of your own kitchen. So you can make the seemingly impossible, deliciously possible.

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Mark Schatzker and his son walking through a grassy field

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Character limit 400. The way ingredients are sourced affects the way we nourish our bodies. Author Mark Schatzer believes our body naturally devolops an appetite for the foods and nutrients it needs to be healthy, but that artificial flavourings are getting in the way. This can be reversed by focusing on high-quality ingredients and being mindful as your appetite guides you to consume according to your body's needs.

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A row of asparagus
Be mindful

Character limit 80. Sourcing local or organic food is a good starting point when thinking

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Character limit 400. Before you can source the right ingredients, you need to identify the foods that will make the most difference. Visit our Taking Taste Further pages to learn more about how food quality affects nutrition.

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Character limit 400. More than 75% of households don't set their refrigerators to the correct temperature. This causes your food to lose its taste and texture before you've even started cooking. 

Most refrigerators circulate the same air between the fridge and freezer compartments, which creates poor temperature and humidity conditions in each compartment.

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Ludwig Maurer feeding one of his cows

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Character limit 400. Tasteology brings you taste from a completely new angle. From psychology to Instagram, we've collected insights from experts across the entire food spectrum. Like Ludwig Maurer, a Wagyu cow breeder. An expert in everything relating to meat, he explains how to preserve its freshness and boost flavour. Now, let us introduce all our other fascinating experts...

Good quality butchered meat

Character limit 80. Sourcing local or organic food is a good starting point when thinking 

Bana being baked in banana leaves
A range of salad vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes

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Character limit: 400. By thinking more about how we chill our food, we can reduce the amount we throw away and boost freshness. To enjoy better flavours for longer, you need to prevent water loss in your produce. Our TwinTech® technology increases humidity in your fridge to help your ingredients retain their water and their flavour. So your food lasts up to three times longer.

Meat chef, Ludwig Maurer and a wagyu cow
Pleased to meat you

Character limit: 80. Meat chef, Ludwig Maurer, is also a Wagyu cow breeder

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Character limit: 400. They say we are what we eat, and the same goes for our food. For example, high quality soils produce more longer-lasting, nutritious berries than over-farmed soil. The lifestyle of our meat and dairy animals also impacts flavour. Whether a cow is grass or grain-fed affects the taste of your beef. The two steaks will also have distinct marbling and different levels of vitamins, minerals and acids.

AEG blender
AEG Blender

Character limit: 80. Turn bulky fruit and vegetables into silky smoothies

An AEG blender

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Character limit: 350. Why not try this effortless Culinary Misfits smoothie at home? Blend ½ pumpkin, 1 apple, 1 lemon, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and 300 ml buttermilk for a delicious treat. 

Smart storage guide

  • Different types of fish and meat
    Character limit: 40. Meat and fish

    Character limit: 200. Store at the bottom of your fridge at a low temperature of 1 to 3°C

  • A selection of vegetables likes aubergine
    Character limit: 40. Ripe vegetables

    Character limit: 200. Store at the top of your fridge at approximately 4 to 5°C

  • Pickle and jam
    Character limit: 40. Canned produce

    Character limit: 200. Store in your fridge door where it's a warmer 5 to 7°C

Character limit: 220. You don't just lose flavour through storage, you can also win flavour

Character limit 40: Ludwig Maurer

Wagyu cow farmer and meat chef


It may seem paradox that in a time where we are more environmentally conscious than ever, it is as if we’ve somehow forgotten how to respect our food. Our experts claim that storing food correctly and knowing how to take care of leftovers can lead to new tastes and more creativity. Discover more in the full-length episode below.